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The GQ and TG haven.
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We take questions, and we do 101. If you want to know more about us or multiplicity, you can start here:
Rude Things to Ask Loony-Brain
Okay Things to Ask Loony-Brain
Multiple vs. MPD, DID, DDNOS
Guide to Coming Out Multi
MPD for You and Me

Current Residence: The House of Blues
Wallpaper of choice: Boogie on Crack. Some things never grow old.
Personal Quote: "Love has no gender, nationalities, or boundaries!" --Guitar Wolf
Greetings, kind followers!

We have created a new Deviantart.  We love that the old stuff is here, but we wanted to start over clean with just the shiny, clean things without stuff from high school.

That means that this DA will remain pretty much as an ARCHIVE.  We might upload more stuff here, but it's unlikely.  For the new cool shiny stuff, you should go see us at LB-Lee!  There are already two new zines and new drawings!  CHECK IT OUT.

Soon we will have regular internet again, so we can get everything set up properly, switch over watches, catch up on all the comments, that kind of thing.  It will take a little bit to get set; a lot is going on over here.

Thank you, lovely people who have watched this account since 2003!  We will continue to make comics and beautiful stuff for you.

--Rogan, Sneak, Miranda, Gigi, aand Mac


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WebberErikPhan Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
Happy Birthday!! ~Anniversary
Grimm-Brothers Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
dA says it's your birthday, so Happy Birthday everyone~ ^^ 
Cake for all!
- Marx
PossumFan Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Birthday.
YumiTomonoshi Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
Hey, I don't really know what to say.. I just... if you could please. I'd like to talk with you about some problems I'm having with our "system"...
BaaingTree Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
Sure. Send us a note. Our Internet is sporadic, so I can't promise a quick response, but we can see what we can do.

YumiTomonoshi Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
Thanks alot! So then.. We all decided to tell some "close" friends about our hotel (that's what it looks like here) and now they are either saying I'm faking, that everyone is imaginary or they are claiming to hae a system as well... I'm very frustrated and people here are getting upset...
BaaingTree Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
Regarding the folks who say they have systems too... what's the harm in believing that they do? You don't know their minds as well as they do. We've known folks who didn't come out as multi until they were in the company of another multiple, because that gave them words for what they were experiencing.

Regarding the "you're faking" folks... I admit that my own response would be to find different friends. However, I realize that my position is not the same as others'. Pretty much, you have to make a judgment call whether you still see them worth hanging out with. Then react accordingly.

Zed-with-Fangs Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

This is your friendly neighbourhood Pie Thrower. This is a friendly reminder about my fifth anniversary coming up and I need YOUR help.
Read and Reply as soon as possible, please.
kittenforever Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Also for the record my icon is my parents' kitty cat that I grew up with. Her name is Fluffums. :)
kittenforever Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Hello! Nikki here. I'm glad to be following you. Your art is quite neat. I especially like the system portraits. :)
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